ResponseIMPACT® NGO Project Management Solution

  • Is your organization overwhelmed with the numerous Excel and Word documents which are exchanged within the organization and its partners?
  • Does your organization struggle to keep a clear and up-to-date picture of the status of all your its projects especially in an emergency setting?
  • DA'soes your organization often find itself unable to manage and track down information which is scattered between many different sources (Excel, Word and pdf) and which is difficult to find in its most up-to-date version?
  • Does your organization find it difficult to manage expenditures while tracking project outcomes because of the number and variety of projects that overlap and need to be followed up?
  • Does your organization regret not being able to more effectively use all the information that has been gathered from its projects in order to learn lessons from the past?
  • Does your organization want to adopt a Quality approach but it is unable to do so in current circumstances?
  • Is your organization unable to report on the progress and costs of your programs to your donors in an accurate and timely manner?
  • Are your organization’s operational costs too high compared with your actual project activity costs?

ResponseIMPACT® is composed from a set of tools that enable NGOs to manage humanitarian and development projects more efficiently while accurately reflecting the outcomes and goals of their projects. Project work plans and budgets are managed centrally through a highly interactive activities calendar. All project activities are submitted electronically using a mobile app that reflects activity outputs in real time, while providing supportive evidence including photos, videos, plus time and GPS stamp.

Activity outcomes and outputs are directly posted to the project logical framework (logFrame) allowing for the project indicators to be tracked in real time. Up-to-date donor reporting is made easy by generating comprehensive and accurate evidence-based reports that increase donor confidence in project implementation.

Actual expenditures are also traced in real time, providing Project managers with up to date financial status of the project, and facilitating accurate and timely donor financial reporting.

ResponseIMPACT® is the ideal tool for NGOs. It is equipped with MAPS and DASHBOARDS that improve organizational effectiveness, increases the value of donor dollars, and reflects accurate project outcomes as and when they occur.

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