Response Information Management Technology

The Syria crisis has been termed as the “crisis of the century” because of the massive suffering it has caused for the majority of the Syrian population. Experience with managing the influx of refugees pouring into Jordan has shown that technology has not been utilized in the field to improve and speed up the processing of refugees. Registration, displacement tracking, case management, and other assistance operations are still performed manually thus reflecting negatively on the quality of services that aid organizations are able to offer Syrian refugees.

It is possible to considerably reduce the effort and, therefore, increase the effect of international assistance operations by introducing simple and well-designed software tools that can make a marked difference and ultimately better serve needy refugees and alleviate human suffering. Data collection and analysis, reporting, information management, mapping, beneficiary selection, monitoring, logistics management and administration are some of the functions that can be automated to support the day-to-day needs of aid workers.

Response Information Management Technology specialized in providing information management services to the humanitarian community. We believe that good utilization of IM provides relief services to the beneficiaries faster and better and therefore reducing trauma and human misery.

We are dedicated to bringing technology to the international development and humanitarian effort by deploying open source software for relief organizations operating in crisis zones.

Response Information Management Technology has the capability to provide skilled and experienced resources to your organization by deploying its experts either as embedded staff in your offices and field teams or as service providers for desk services.


To provide relief organizations worldwide with the tools to utilize technology in the field and manage information effectively.


To make humanitarian Relief more effective through better application of Information Management.


Response Information Management Technology has the capability to provide skilled and experienced resources to your organization by deploying its experts either as embedded staff in your offices and field teams or as service providers for desk services.

Application Development
Website Development
Information Management
Data Collection
Project Management

Application Development

Application software is a set of programs designed to carry out operations for a specific application. Finance, procurement, human resources, and logistics, are applications that can be automated to the specific requirements of an organization.

Whether your requirements stipulate a mobile app, a desktop or a web application, we will help you to realize your needs. We work with you to develop applications that respond to your exact needs. Our methodology involves requirements gathering, analysis and design, application building, testing and troubleshooting, and commissioning. We provide user and management training and relevant technical support to ensure smooth running of your applications so that you get the highest return on your investment.

Website Development

Web development is the work involved in developing websites for the Internet ranging from a simple static page to a complex web-based internet application.

We plan, design, and develop spectacular responsive websites that work well, and look great on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

We develop our websites using an open source Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to remain in control of your website and allows employees without any technical computer background to easily update and manage your website. External technical assistance will not be required thus reducing operating costs and providing for timely updates to the website.

Information Management

Information Management IM is defined as the “application of management techniques to collect information from one or more sources, communicate it to one or more audiences within and outside the organization, and process it to enable managers to make quicker and better decisions”.

Managing information during a humanitarian emergency helps save lives and reduces suffering. Information Management enhances the capacity of aid workers to analyze and make decisions through strengthening the collection, processing, interpretation and dissemination of information. We provide mapping, data management, analysis, and reporting services either by deploying our experts on the field or support you remotely from our web applications.

Data Collection

Data Collection, Aggregation, and Analysis: empower your field workers and increase their productivity with mobile forms. Build custom designed forms or surveys on a mobile device and collect data in real time and send it to a server, then aggregate the collected data on a server and finally extract the results in suitable report formats.

We provide open-source software tools that help relief organizations author, field, and manage data collection. With new mobile data collection systems your organization can set up checks, hints to help the interviewer, easy ways to retrieve the data from your mobile system, and upload everything into your computer.

Project Management

We provide open source project management solutions for the shared management of international aid projects. These solutions bring relief to the many aches and pains that humanitarian organizations suffer from.

  • Is your organization overwhelmed with the numerous Excel and Word documents which are exchanged within the organization and its partners?
  • Does your organization struggle to keep a clear and up-to-date picture of the status of all your its projects especially in an emergency setting?
  • Does your organization often find itself unable to manage and track down information which is scattered between many different sources (Excel, Word and pdf) and which is difficult to find in its most up-to-date version?
  • Does your organization find it difficult to manage expenditures while tracking project outcomes because of the number and variety of projects that overlap and need to be followed up?
  • Does your organization regret not being able to more effectively use all the information that has been gathered from its projects in order to learn lessons from the past?
  • Does your organization want to adopt a Quality approach but it is unable to do so in current circumstances?

Human Resource Management

Human resources are considered the most valuable asset of any organization. These resources need to be well managed at all levels to maximize their performance and achieve organizational goals. Human Resource Management HRM is a central and strategic organizational activity composed of the combined processes of recruitment, employee selection, orientation and induction, training and development, assessment, motivation, and compensation.

We provide an open source human resource management solution that is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform that includes leave management, time and attendance management, performance management, recruitment, training and many other HRM components all in one user friendly, robust solution.

Time Attendance

Manage the recording, controlling & monitoring of employee absences using a mobile application.

We provide time attendance solutions that easily and effectively track your employee hours both in the office and in the field and replace manual management of attendance. Organizations can track field staff attendance through a check-in app installed and activated on their mobile phones. Staff will need to check-in the office location to register their attendance. Non-office employees can clock in from the field and managers can use GPS tracking to verify clock location. Accurate and timely attendance information is then made available on the website for further processing.


What is good for people is good for the organizations in which they work. Training aims at improving the performance of employees and builds their self-esteem by impacting them with new skills that increase their contribution to the workplace.

We provide expert training on data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, surveys, data management, and project management. Our trainers are:

  • Project managers
  • Systems analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Programmers
  • Monitoring and evaluation experts
  • GIS mapping officers
  • Technology experts

Our training activities energize, motivate, and help participants to retain content.


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